FLASH: DTC's C121A / C2205 - Steering Angle Sensor - Not Initialized / Internal - 2007 Dodge Chrysler Jeep

NUMBER: 08-010-07
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: May 17, 2007



FLASH: DTC's C121A / C2205 - Steering Angle Sensor - Not Initialized / Internal



This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) with new software.



2007 (JK) Wrangler
2007 (JS) Sebring
2007 (KA) Nitro
2007 (MK49) Compass
2007 (MK74) Patriot
2007 (PM) Caliber

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before April 12, 2007 (MDH 0412XX).



The vehicle operator may experience an illumination of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) lamp on the vehicle instrument cluster. The ESP lamp illumination may be due to the following Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's):

C121A - Steering Angle Sensor Not Initialized

C2205 - Steering Angle Sensor Internal

This condition, and DTC's, may be intermittent. If the above DTC's occur during a drive cycle, then the ESP lamp will remain illuminated until the end of that drive cycle (key off).



Using a StarSCAN with the appropriate Diagnostic Procedures available in TechCONNECT, verify all engine systems are functioning as designed. If DTCs are present record them on the repair order and repair as necessary before proceeding further with this bulletin.

If the vehicle operator describes or experiences the Symptom/Condition, perform the Repair Procedure.



NPN Battery Charger
CH9401 StarSCAN Tool
CH9404 StarSCAN Vehicle Cable
CH9409 StarSCAN Documentation Kit
CH9410 StarSCAN Ethernet Cable, 12 ft.
CH9412 StarSCAN Software Update Device Kit
TechCONNECT PC or equivalent
Latest StarSCAN Software Update CD

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