A/C Compressor Noise or Housing Damage - 2007 Dodge & Jeep

NUMBER:     24-006-07
GROUP:        Heating & A/C
DATE:         August 14, 2007



A/C Compressor Noise or Housing Damage



This bulletin involves replacing the A/C Compressor with a new design and a new Condenser to compensate for revised compressor performance.



2007 (MK49) Compass
2007 (MK74) Patriot
2007 (PM) Caliber

NOTE: This bulletin applies to 2007 PM/MK vehicles equipped air conditioning (sales code HHA or HAA) with a 1.8L, 2.0L or 2.4L (non turbo) Gasoline Engine (sales codes EBA, ECN or ED3) and Manual Transmission (sales codes DD7).



A vehicle that is operated aggressively during cold conditions may experience damage to the A/C compressor due to refrigerant slugging causing poor or no A/C performance, possible rattle noise or compressor damage.