Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements – 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup

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NUMBER: 18-017-16
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: February 17, 2016








Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements



This bulletin involves reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with the latest available software. It also involves replacement of the Oxygen (O2) Sensor and cleaning or replacement of the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Sensor 1/2 if necessary depending on Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that may have set.



2014 (DS) RAM 1500 Pickup


NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA.

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 3.0L Diesel Engine (Sales Code EXF).



A small number of customers may experience an intermittent engine shudder, bucking under hard acceleration, or vibration.

In addition other customers may experience a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illumination upon which the technician may find one or more of the following DTCs have been set:


  • **P1296-00 – EGR Slow Response – Increasing Flow.**
  • P249C-00 – Excessive Time To Enter Closed Loop Reductant Injection Timing Control.
  • P20C2-00 – Reductant Heater 3 Control Circuit Performance.
  • P24A4-00 – Particulate Filter Restriction – Soot Accumulation Too High.
  • P24D1-00 – Particulate Matter Sensor Regeneration Incomplete.
  • P1288-00 – NOX Sensor 1/2 Zero Offset Too High.
  • P1289-00 – NOx Sensor 1/2 Zero Offset Too Low.
  • P2463-00 – Diesel Particulate Filter – Soot Accumulation.
  • U0422-00 – Implausible Data Received From Body Control Module.
  • U3017-00 – Control Module Timer/Clock Performance.
  • P26AB-00 – Engine Coolant Bypass Valve Stuck.
  • P24AF-00 – Particulate Matter Sensor Circuit Performance.
  • P2196-00 – O2 Sensor 1/1 Stuck Rich.
  • P1E0C-00 – Empty Fuel Tank.
  • P2237-00 – O2 Sensor 1/1 Pump Cell Current Circuit Open.
  • P1297-00 – EGR Slow Response – Decreasing Flow.
  • P0420-00 – Catalyst Efficiency (Bank 1).
  • P204F-00 – Reductant System Performance.
  • P20E9-00 – Reductant Pressure Too High.
  • P2002-00 – Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold.
  • P2299-00 – Brake Pedal Position / Accelerator Pedal Position Incompatible.
  • P241D-00 – SCR Inducement – Forced Engine Shutdown.
  • P016A-00 – Excessive Time To Enter Closed Loop Air/Fuel Ratio Control.
  • P2459-00 – Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Frequency.
  • P0133-00 – O2 Sensor 1/1 Slow Response.
  • P2084-00 – Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Performance – (1/2).
  • P0171-00 – Fuel System 1/1 Lean.
  • P0426-00 – Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit Performance (1/1).
  • P0045-00 – Turbocharger Boost Control Circuit/Open.
  • P0087-00 – Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low.
  • P009A-00 – Intake Air Temperature/Ambient Air Temperature Correlation.
  • P0128-00 – Thermostat Rationality.
  • P0234-00 – Turbocharger Overboost Condition.
  • P05F8-00 – Reductant Heater Control Module Performance.
  • P050E-00 – Cold Start Engine Exhaust Temperature Too Low.
  • P200A-00 – Intake Manifold Runner Performance – (Bank 1).
  • P200B-00 – Intake Manifold Runner Performance – (Bank 2).
  • P202E-00 – Reductant Injection Valve Circuit Performance.
  • P2080-00 – Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Performance.
  • P20BA-00 – Reductant Heater 1 Control Circuit Performance.
  • P20BE-00 – Reductant Pressure Line Heater Control Circuit Performance.
  • P225C-00 – NOX Sensor 1/1 Performance – Signal Stuck High.
  • P225D-00 – NOX Sensor 1/1 Performance – Signal Stuck Low.
  • P2453-00 – Diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance.
  • P24C2-00 – Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurement System – Multiple Sensor Correlation (Bank 1).
  • P24F2-00 – EGR Temperature/Charge Air Cooler Temperature Correlation.
  • P2564-00 – Turbocharger Position Sensor Circuit Low.
  • P2565-00 – Turbocharger Position Sensor Circuit High.
  • U029D-00 – Lost Communication With NOX Sensor Module “A”.
  • U029E-00 – Lost Communication With NOX Sensor Module “B”.


Upon further investigation a technician may find the following Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) set in the TCM memory:

  • U1424-00 – Implausible Engine Torque Signal Received.


The following enhancements are also included in this software update:

  • Enhancements to improve A/C compressor relay duty cycle operation to prevent ignition off battery draw.
  • Powertrain system improvements to enable EGR cleaning routine.
  • DTC P0171-00 System Too Lean (Bank 1) has now changed to P026C-00 Fuel Injection Quantity Lower Than Expected.
  • DTC P0172-00 System Too Rich (Bank 1) has now changed to P026D-00 Fuel Injection Quantity Higher Than Expected.



Using a Scan Tool (wiTECH) with the appropriate Diagnostic Procedures available in TechCONNECT, verify all vehicle systems are functioning as designed. If DTCs or symptom conditions, other than the ones listed above are present, record the issues on the repair order and repair as necessary before proceeding further with this bulletin.

If a customer’s VIN is listed in VIP or your RRT VIN list, perform the repair. For all other customers that describe the symptom/condition or if a technician finds any of the DTCs listed above, perform the Repair Procedure.



Qty. Description Part No.
1 (AR) Sensor, Oxygen 68171190AA Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light
1 (AR) Sensor (1/2), Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) 68231738AA Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light



NOTE: Install a battery charger Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light to ensure battery voltage does not drop below 13.2 volts. Do not allow the charging voltage to climb above 13.5 volts during the flash process.

NOTE: If this flash process is interrupted/aborted, the flash should be restarted.

CAUTION: Do not interrupt the software update process in any way once it has begun. It may cause permanent damage to the PCM which will require replacement. It is highly recommended to have a new generic PCM unit available at the workshop before starting the Repair Procedure.

  1. Using wiTECH, check for any codes setting in the PCM and record them on the repair order. If necessary, perform a vehicle scan report and save it for your records.
  2. Check for updated PCM software. Is updated software available?
    • Yes>>> Proceed to Step #3.
    • No>>> Proceed to Step #7.
  3. Reprogram the PCM with the latest available software. Detailed instructions for flashing control modules using the wiTECH Diagnostic Application are available by selecting the “HELP” tab on the upper portion of the wiTECH window, then “HELP CONTENTS.” This will open the Welcome to wiTECH Help screen where help topics can be selected.
  4. Clear all DTCs that may have been set in any module due to reprogramming. The wiTECH application will automatically present all DTCs after the flash and allow them to be cleared.
  5. Under the PCM “System Tests” perform the “SCR DEF Tank Fluid Level Reset” procedure.
  6. Turn the ignition off for 35 seconds to complete the flash.
  7. With the ignition key off, test for voltage on fuse F62 (10 amp red) located in the under hood Power Distribution Center (PDC) using a volt meter connected to ground. Was 12 volts measured at the fuse with the ignition off?
    • Yes>>>Further diagnosis and repair is required. Refer to all applicable published TSBs or service information in DealerCONNECT/TechCONNECT regarding ignition off battery draw. Proceed to Step #8.
    • No>>> Proceed to Step #8.
  8. Was the vehicle built on or before September 08, 2014?
    • Yes>>> Proceed to Step #9.
    • No>>> The bulletin is now complete. No further action is required. Use Labor Op 18-19-04-CT to close out the RRT portion of this service action.
  9. Refer back to the codes recorded in Step #1. Were DTCs, P0171-00 – Fuel System 1/1 Lean and/or P0133-00 – O2 Sensor 1/1 Slow Response found setting in the PCM memory?
    • Yes>>> Proceed to Step #10.
    • No>>> The bulletin is now complete. No further action is required. Use Labor Op 18-19-04-DX for the TSB portion of this service action.
  10. Visually inspect all Air Induction and Charge Air Cooler (CAC) connections for proper installation and torque. Repair as necessary and proceed to Step #11.

NOTE: Care must be taken not to drop or strike the new O2 sensor during installation. If dropped, the sensor must be discarded and another sensor installed.

  1. Replace the O2 sensor. Refer to detailed repair procedures available inDealerCONNECT> TechCONNECT> Service Info Section 14 – Fuel System> Fuel Injection, Diesel> Sensor, Oxygen> Removal/Installation. Proceed to Step #12.
  2. Remove the EGT Sensor 1/2 located in the inlet of the Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)/Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) assembly. Refer to detailed removal procedures available in DealerCONNECT> TechCONNECT> Service Info Section 11 Exhaust System> Sensor, Exhaust Temperature> Removal> Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 1/2.
  1. Inspect the sensor body and probe for any signs of damage or excessive soot. See (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 EGT Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1Fig. 1 EGT Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1

1 – Excessive soot blocking sensor ports


  1. Was excessive soot found on the sensor?
    • Yes>>> Proceed to Step #15.
    • No>>> Proceed to Step #16.
  2. Using shop air set to a maximum of 80 psi, clean all excessive soot from the sensor probe.
  3. Using a suitable multi-meter with appropriate test probes, test the resistance between the sensor connector terminals 1 and 2. With the sensor at room temperature, 65-75 °F (18-25 °C), the resistance should measure between 200 and 240 ohms.
  4. Is the temperature sensor resistance within specifications?
  1. Verify all engine systems are operating as designed. The bulletin is now complete.



Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.



Labor Operation No: Description Skill Category Amount
18-19-04-CT Module, Powertrain Control (PCM) – RRT Inspect Software Level Only, (includes fuse voltage check). (2 – Skilled) 10 – Diesel 0.2 Hrs.
**18-19-04-EG Module, Powertrain Control (PCM) – TSB Reprogram Only, (Includes fuse voltage check). (2 – Skilled) 10 – Diesel 0.4 Hrs.**



NOTE: This Labor Operation can only be used on vehicles built on or before September 08, 2014.

Labor Operation No: Description Skill Category Amount
18-19-04-50 Replace O2 sensor, and clean or replace EGT sensor, (includes fuse voltage check) (2 – Skilled) 10 – Diesel 0.7 Hrs


NOTE: The expected completion time for the flash download portion of this procedure is approximately 11 minutes. Actual flash download times may be affected by vehicle connection and network capabilities.



The dealer must choose which failure code to use. If the customer came in with an issue and the dealer found updated software to correct that issue, use failure code CC, for all other use failure code RF.

  • If the customer’s concern matches the SYMPTOM/CONDITION identified in the Service Bulletin, failure code CC is to be used.
  • If an available flash is completed while addressing a different customer concern, failure code RF is to be used.
CC Customer Concern
RF Routine Flash


NUMBER: 18-017-16
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: February 17, 2016





NUMBER: 18-021-15
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: March 14, 2015







Chrysler J2534 Application Overview


DRB III Emulator

Flash Availability - J2534/Pass Thru Device

Vehicle to Diagnostic Tool Reference Chart


Chrysler Recommended J2534 Devices

For Chrysler recommended J2534 device, see below table.

J2534 Device Firmware Version
CTC Vehicle Box * 1.9
UCAN 2 1.0
Blue Streak -2534 Global Programmer 2.10
Actia I+ME Passthru 2.07

* Chrysler recommends the CTC Vehicle Box Device for Chrysler SCI ECU reprogramming. SCI reprogramming is used on most PCMs and TCMs prior to the introduction of CAN bus vehicles which began in 2004 (Durango).


Compatible J2534 Devices

Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light CarDAQ-Plus 3 All Makes J2534 Reprogramming Tool
Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light CarDAQ-Plus 2 Diagnostic Code Reader and J2534 Programming Tool
Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light CarDAQ-Plus
Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light CarDAQ-M
Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light VSI J2534 ECU Reprogrammer
Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light

Bosch Automotive Tools MTECH2 Mastertech II J2534 VCI with Wired/Wireless Capability for OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics on GM, Ford, FCA, Nissan/Infiniti, Honda/Acura, and Toyota/Lexus Vehicles

Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light

RAP2 OEM J2534 Remote Reprogramming Tool

Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light

BOSCH Automotive Tools MTECH2 Mastertech II J2534 VCI

Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light

Autel MaxiFlash VCI Vehicle Communication Interface J2534 PassThru ECU Programming Device Bluetooth Connection Internet Update Support CAN FD, 4 CAN Channels, DoIP, D-PDU Works with PC or Autel MS909

Flash: 3.0L Powertrain Diagnostic And System Enhancements - 2014 RAM 1500 Pickup | small light



Click on the link below to:

Download J2534 Application

(Install the wiTECH 2.0 J2534 Application on your computer)

Download the Setup Utility

(Configure your microPod/MDP device)

Launch wiTECH 2.0

(Once subscription and users are assigned to a tool please follow this link to access wiTECH)



Chrysler J2534 Manual

wiTECH Software




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