T36 – Alternator may Fail Resulting in Engine Stall – 2011-2014 Dodge Chrysler Jeep

NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V435
Manufacturer Chrysler (FCA US LLC)
Potential Number of Units Affected 442,214


Alternator may Fail Resulting in Engine Stall

If the alternator fails, the vehicle may stall without warning, increasing the risk of a crash. There is also the possibility that the alternator may short circuit, increasing the risk of a fire.



Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain model year 2011-2014 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Dodge Durango, and 2012-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles.

The affected vehicles have electro-hydraulic power steering (EHPS) and are equipped with a 5.7L or a 3.6L engine and a 160, 180 or 220 amp alternator.

In the affected vehicles, the alternator may suddenly fail.



Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the alternator and depending on the part number, will replace the alternator, if necessary, free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin on August 24, 2017.

Owners may contact Chrysler customer service at 1-800-853-1403.

Chrysler’s number for this recall is T36.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.


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17 thoughts on “T36 – Alternator may Fail Resulting in Engine Stall – 2011-2014 Dodge Chrysler Jeep”

  1. Had the exact same issue 4/17 prior to the recall 8/17, I spent over $1700 on a new alternator, battery and new PCM, submitted for my recall reimbursement and have been declined by Randy at FCA stating there is on proof that the alternator failed creating the other components to fail???? I started my car, drove about 1 mile and the battery and check engine light came on, drove directly to O’reilly and had it tested, they stated it was the alternator, purchased an alternator left the store and all my lights started flashing, windshield wipers going power steering went out and the car dies in the middle of an intersection during rush hour. I had it towed home then to a mechanic as when I called Dodge they said it hadn’t been recalled yet, there was nothing they could do, and they didn’t have a new alternator to put in it (they are replacing it with the same defective alternator). Now that it has been recalled and I submit for reimbursement they tell me since it wasn’t fixed at Dodge there is no proof that is what happened to my car??? Yes I wanted to spend over $1700 to fix a car that wasn’t broken?? My question to them is, you finally send the recall saying my car could have this problem, I send you all my receipts and credit card statement showing my car did have this problem and yet you still say there is no proof??? Sold the Durango, will NEVER by another Dodge again!!!!!

  2. WOW… Mine sounds just like all of yours…. My wife hits the button for the garage door opener one night , but it didn’t work and she noticed a couple dash lights that aren’t normally on were on… Then later that night she noticed a smell in the garage, a burnt smell when she was taking out the garbage … we couldn’t find were the smell was coming from. We thought it was the garage door opener. But the next morning… Nothing, no dome lights, nothing no response when trying to start it. I go get a new 200 dollar battery and its start up but won’t go into gear. Then all the lights start coming on and off . the windshield whippers start to go real slow. the display starts acting weird. It ask’s me for a verification code then starts to display the radio information then the display turns a blue color. And then everything goes dead. I do my research and then I take the car to the dealer. So what does he tell me…. Its not the recall and that my timing cover gasket was bad and oil got on the alternator. So that’s why the alternator went bad So I needed a new alternator and a new gasket at the tune of 1750.00 But the funny thing is I have no oil on my garage floor.

  3. My 2012 Dodge charger just gave out on me last week. Car turned off on my way home from work during traffic with no warnings. Come to find out my battery was completely gone, had to spend $200+ on a new one. Once replacing the battery and turning the car back on the alternator started smoking up and my dashboard kept turning off and on. I had to disconnect the battery and tow the car home :(. I called the dealer the next day but got nowhere, they just told me the recall is still not available. What am I suppose to do just wait?? My daily commute had been very difficult now. When will the recall be available??

  4. My Jeep Grand Cherokee started on fire on 11/6/17.
    I never received any kind of recall notice on the alternator. I only realized this was an issue after looking it up….
    My Jeep dealership has been very helpful. They towed my vehicle free of charge and also provided me with a loaner vehicle while I wait for mine to be fixed. They have not been able to give me an estimate as to when my car will be fixed because the alternator is no where to be found I guess. 🙁 Big disappointment. I had more faith in the Jeep brand than I should have apparently. I just would think that if this was something that was turning into an issue, Chrysler would have been better prepared to serve their customers in a time of need. I’m sad to see of so many bad experiences as far as being taken care of. So far, besides the pain of waiting, we have been treated very fairly….

  5. I live in South Africa and drive an imported 2014 Dodge Journey 2.4L SXT. Last week while on holiday the error message BATTERY SAVER MODE was displayed and I immediately asked my wife to check our manual, and guess what, its not in the manual. Eventually the vehicle started to shut down and I had to tow the vehicle to my parents home. I got the battery replaced by a 24 hour mobile battery fitment service provider, but this did not solve the problem. I called the dealer I bought the vehicle from in 2014, they never heard of this message before? As I was on holiday I had to find another dealer close by to check the vehicle. On route to the dealer it STALLED in traffic, thank god, was able to put my hazards ON before I got rear ended and had similar events described here, loss of power steering, loss of ABS brakes, REV counter and SPEEDO needles resetting continuously, wipers came ON. I got it towed again to the dealer, they diagnosed the failure as a faulty battery, which I had just replaced the night before. Eventually we proved the battery to be completely fine by testing it again on their STATE of the ART MOPAR approved MIDTRONIC machine, not once but twice and this after they tried to tell me I should have bought a MOPAR battery at 5 x the price of what I paid and attempts to reset the machine after the first PASS, egg on their faces. Only then did they start to fault find further on the Alternator, which was the cause of the failure. Once I mentioned the T36 recall issued for other Dodge models except my Journey and explained how people were complaining of recurring issues after replacing the Alternator and Battery, only then I was told that I need to replace the PCM as well as the Alternator and PCM get replaced in pairs? The repairs were done, I paid cash and got the vehicle back and started to research this problem to find out WHY is there NO recall issued on the JOURNEY? The recall notice shown here https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2017/RCMN-17V435-1556.pdf states that the 160A (BAB) alternator is part of this T36 recall and guess what the part number of the alternator 4801490AA removed from my vehicle is the same (BAB) and when you google the part number it comes up with a replacement part 4801490AC to be fitted, which is what was fitted to my vehicle, together with a NEW PCM.

  6. My Jeep Grande Cherokee caught on fire September 15, 2017 I had it towed to the dealer. This has been a complete nightmare no notification warning Nothing. Surely I would have had it repaired had I known. Now I am stuck w borrowing other people’s vehicles to accommodate my daily life because there is no way I can afford to dump roughly $1000 bucks with no guarantee I will be reimbursed once the part/parts are in the market.
    What kind of company would allow their employees to drive a vehicle with the potential of hurting themselves or someone else. Then not being able to get and from work. We are just supposed to wait 10-14 day for them to contact me. Honestly I’m paying on a vehicle I can’t use for the next five and half months just take it. I don’t want it if that’s the case.

  7. Our Jeep Grand Cherokee died today. Had it towed to the Jeep dealer. It is the Alternator recall, however, they do not have the replacement parts yet, so they can fix it for $967.00 and they promise we will get re-imbursed. We have had so many problems with this Jeep in the last 5 years. So many re-calls, has died once before. I will NEVER purchase a Jeep again. I should not have to pay a dime today, yet need to drop $967.00. Let’s see if I really get re-imbursed.

  8. FCA vehicles are shit and I will never buy another again, ever. I am now driving a ticking time bomb that could kill me at any time and if it just dies like some folks here have experienced then I will be the proud owner of a $40k plus piece of shit sitting on the driveway.

  9. My jeep failed in my driveway but unfortunately after speaking to 8 different Chrysler reps I am told the replacement parts are not available. Plus it not only is effecting the alternator it fried my battery and computer…is chysler going to cover those too? I was told my vin is in the recall and I had to get my car to a jeep dealer to be officially diagnosed, but again the parts are not there to fix it and the earliest date might be December. So I am left with no car and relying on family and friends. I was told be my local dealership, Domiano, that they would not give me a loaner and if I towed my car there and waited until December that after the first month they would begin charging me $65.00 a day for storage. So good luck taking in your car as there is no resolution yet because chysler does not know the extent of the damage because of their faulty part. I do plan to keep pursuing this issue as I am stuck paying for a car that doesn’t run even if I have to seek legal representation.

    • 2012 Durango died suddenly back in July. Luckily my wife was aimed properly into a parking spot before it happened. She lost power steering and when she got out could smell burning. I went to jump the vehicle when I got done with work. Hooked up the jumper cables and it started to draw so hard on my pickup it almost died. Had it towed to Valvoline/Tire1 here in Grand Forks, ND. And within an hour they were able to tell me that my battery, alternator, and power control module (PCM) where toast. The alternator grounded inside the casing. He told me it destroyed everything. We notified Chrysler Investigaton Group and they sent out a private investigator. I thought we were getting somewhere. Boy was I wrong. This guy flew his own plane here asked where the alternator was and snapped 3 photos and back to his plane he went. We continued to wait, but they offered us a good will offering of a new alternator. I replied that although that was good news it still does not get our car running again. I pay for towing again to get the vehicle to Lithia Dodge of Grand Forks. Biggest mistake of my life… I thought there crack shot mechanics would serve us better and see that our vehicle was damaged due to this failure. Again we wait. 2 weeks pass and they call us to offer a rental on their some. More time passes and nothing. Today my wife receives a call from Chrysler saying this is all they are going to replace and made mention that the vehicle needs to be returned ASAP or we will be charged. MY GOD! We are returning the rental, selling the Durango, and never and I mean never purchasing a vehicle that is even loosely affiliated with Chrysler, and I’m not sorry Fiat, Dodge, Ram, or Chrysler. What a shit show.

  10. My 180 amp totally stopped 8-19-17. Very dangerous situation, as lost gear change, power brakes , ect before it quit. Towed to jeep dealer and it will sit until 8-24-17. Hopefully my vin will show up that day for the pending recall.

    • Hi Allan, my 2012 Charger RT just had the same problem yesterday. I had it towed to the dealer, and they’re requesting 1100 for repairs. My dealer hasn’t acknowledged the pending recall, and I’m wondering if you’ve had the same luck. I’m also willing to let mine sit until they issue out the recall notices, rather than paying the 1100 and giving them the chance to find a loophole.

      • The recall did come 8/24/17. Problem is, they don’t have the ‘replacement’ 180 amp alternators yet. I had to pay, but I was assured I will get reimbursed by Jeep. When the ‘improved’ alternator comes in, i’ll have to leave the car again for the 2nd replacement. At least that time it will be ‘no charge’

  11. My alternator went out last weekend on Saturday the 12th and it is the 180 amp that is covered under this recall, Chrysler won’t pay for it because the recall isn’t going to be mailed out until the 24th. They say I can pay the $1100 and they can reimburse me in 60 -90 days. This is ridiculous do you know of any other options to have this taken care of???


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