Z68 – Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors – 2022 Dodge Challenger, Charger, & Chrysler 300

2022 Dodge Challenger

July 14, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V504000 Inoperative TPMS Sensor/FMVSS 138 Inoperative TPMS sensors will not alert the driver to low tire pressure. In addition, a TPMS warning light that is already illuminated from a failed battery sensor will mask an actual tire pressure failure issue. Either of these scenarios can result in tire failure and … Read more

2021 Dodge Challenger Safety Recall Y58 Instrument Panel Cluster

2021 Dodge Challenger

August 26, 2021 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 21V664000 Instrument Cluster Malfunction/FMVSS 101 Without visible safety system indicators, a driver may not receive information regarding vehicle safety, increasing the risk of injury or a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V664 Manufacturer Chrysler (FCA US, LLC) Components ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Potential Number of Units Affected 135   Summary Chrysler (FCA US, LLC) is recalling … Read more

Safety Recall Y47 – Windshield Adhesion – 2020-2021 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, & Chrysler 300

2021 Dodge Challenger

July 8, 2021 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 21V516000 Inadequate Windshield Bonding/FMVSS 212 A windshield that separates from the vehicle during a crash can increase the risk of injury.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V516 Manufacturer Chrysler (FCA US, LLC) Components VISIBILITY Potential Number of Units Affected 21,258   Summary Chrysler (FCA US, LLC) is recalling certain 2020-2021 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and … Read more

Safety Recall W31 – Rear View Camera – 2019-2020 Dodge Challenger

2020 Dodge Challenger

April 2, 2020 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 20V191000 Rearview Image Can Remain on Display/FMVSS 111 The lingering rearview image can distract the driver, increasing the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V191 Manufacturer Chrysler (FCA US LLC) Components BACK OVER PREVENTION Potential Number of Units Affected 318,537   Summary Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain 2020 Jeep Gladiator … Read more

Safety Recall VB0 – Incompatible Wheels – 2019 Dodge Challenger & Charger

2019 Dodge Challenger

October 24, 2019 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 19V758000 Front Tires May Be Damaged A damaged tire can suddenly lose air pressure and increase the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V758 Manufacturer Chrysler (FCA US LLC) Components TIRES, WHEELS, SERVICE BRAKES Potential Number of Units Affected 173   Summary Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain 2019 Dodge ChallengerRead more