Radio Software Enhancements – 2015-2017 Dodge Jeep Chrysler RAM FIAT

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NUMBER: 08-016-17 REV. A
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: May 09, 2017







Radio Software Enhancements



This bulletin involves updating the radio’s software.

CAUTION: Confirm the correct radio flash file to the applicable model and family vehicle before flashing.



2016 (WD) Dodge Durango
2016 (WK) Jeep Grand Cherokee
2015 – **2017** (BU) Jeep Renegade
2016 (UF) Chrysler 200
2016 (KL) Jeep Cherokee
2016 (DS) RAM 1500 Pickup
2016 (DJ) RAM 2500 Pickup
2016 (D2) RAM 3500 Pickup
2016 (DD) RAM 3500 Cab Chassis
2016 (DP) RAM 4500/5500 Cab Chassis
2016 (DF) RAM 3500 <10K LB Cab Chassis
2016 (DX) RAM Truck (Mexico)
2016 (LA) Dodge Challenger
2016 (LD) Dodge Charger
2016 (FF) FIAT 500


NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.

NOTE: **This bulletin applies to BU vehicles built on or before March 28, 2017 (MDH 0328XX) equipped with UConnect 5.0 AM/FM/BT (Sales Codes RG2).**

NOTE: This bulletin applies to BU vehicles built on or before November 19, 2015 (MDH 1119XX) equipped with UConnect 5.0 AM/FM/BT (Sales Codes RA2 or RJ2).

NOTE: This bulletin applies to FF vehicles built on or before December 06, 2015 (MDH 1206XX) equipped with UConnect 5.0 AM/FM/BT (Sales Codes RA2, RJ2, RK2, or RL2).

NOTE: This bulletin applies to D2, DD, DF, DJ, DP, DS, DX, KL, LA, LD and UF vehicles equipped with UConnect 5.0 AM/FM/BT (Sales Codes RA2, RG2, RJ2, RK2, RL2, or RM2).



A customer may experience one or more of the following:

  • **Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) doesn’t work (BU with RG2).
  • Slow operation when using navigation (BU with RG2).
  • Radio may display the incorrect distance until the vehicle runs out of fuel (BU with RG2).**
  • Bluetooth communication with the passenger is poor. The UConnect microphone may not amplify the voice of the person speaking from the passenger seat. (2015 BU Only).
  • False message may be displayed in the cluster; “Parking Sensors Unavailable” and/or “Sound System Unavailable” (2015 BU Only).
  • Radio display screen may intermittently go blank.
  • Radio display screen may lock up.
  • Back up display may not turn off.
  • Loss of radio memory for skipped channels or incorrectly displaying skipped channels in the menu list.
  • Korean language was not supported (APAC – Korea only).

Additional Enhancements:

  • This software will help prevent the radio from becoming inoperative and needing replacement.
  • Removed the charging schedule from showing in the setting menu (FF BEV only).
  • Adding Korean language support (APAC – Korea only).



Using a Scan Tool (wiTECH) with the appropriate Diagnostic Procedures available in TechCONNECT, verify all related systems are functioning as designed. If any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or symptom conditions, other than the one listed above are present, record the issues on the repair order and repair as necessary before proceeding further with this bulletin.

If a customer’s VIN is listed in VIP or your RRT VIN list, perform the repair. For all other customers that describe a symptom/condition listed above, perform the Repair Procedure.



  1. Is the radio functional?
    • Yes >>> Proceed to Step #2.
    • No >>> The radio is not functional. The radio is locked up and will not recover. Thisbulletin does not apply. Replace the radio in accordance with Service Information and under normal warranty process and procedures.
  2. Has the USB flash drive been created?
    • Yes >>> Proceed to Step #4.
    • No >>> Proceed to Step #3.
  3. Go to DealerCONNECT>Service>Uconnect Command Center>Uconnect>More Information >Dealer software downloads to download the files. Follow the instructions on the website to create the USB flash drive.

NOTE: Three versions of radio software are available in order to service all vehicles covered in this bulletin. The specific software version required is determined by the vehicle line and radio sales code. Each of the three software versions must be installed to a separate blank USB flash drive. Once the USB drive flash has been prepared it may be used to service multiple vehicles of the same model/radio type.

NOTE: If the dealer cannot download the software, make sure you have proper security access. If not, have the Service Manager or Shop Foreman download the software update.

  1. Turn the ignition on and check if the vehicle is still in Ship Mode. This will be displayed in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).
  2. The vehicle must be in Customer Mode to update the radio. Is the vehicle in Ship Mode?
    • Yes >>> Proceed to Step #6.
    • No >>> Proceed to Step #7.
  3. Use the scan tool (wiTECH) to put the vehicle into Customer Mode.
  4. With the ignition on and radio powered up, insert the USB flash drive with new software into USB hub.

CAUTION: Confirm the correct radio flash file to the applicable model and family vehicle before flashing.

  1. The next screen display will have the old and new software levels. The radio will be updated to one of the following levels:
    • WK, WD D2, DD, DF, DJ, DP, DS, DX, KL, LA, LD, and UF =
    • BU = with RA2 and RJ2 radios.
    • **BU = with RG2 radios.**
    • FF =
  2. Is the radio software level at or higher than the update to level?
    • Yes >>> This bulletin does not apply, normal diagnostics needs to be performed. Use Inspection Only LOP 18-60-02-HX to close the RRT.
    • No >>> Proceed to Step #10.
  1. Press the soft key “Yes” to start the update.
  2. The update may take 15 minutes, no other actions will be needed.

NOTE: If the software update process is interrupted/aborted, the process should be restarted.

NOTE: Do not cycle the ignition or touch the radio during the update process.

NOTE: During this process the screen will go blank 2 times. Once in the beginning and once at the end of the re-flash process.

  1. After the update is done downloading, the screen will display “Update successful”please remove USB flash drive.
  2. Do not turn off the ignition, the update is not completed. Wait until the normal radiodisplay screen is appears, this will take about 40 seconds.
  3. **Is the vehicle a BU with an RG2 radio?
    • Yes>>> Proceed to Step #15.
    • No >>> This bulletin has been completed.
  4. Using wiTECH, check if DTC B223B-00 has been set?
    • Yes>>> Proceed to Step #16.
    • No >>> This bulletin has been completed.
  5. Using wiTECH, restore configuration and align proxi. This routine is available underthe ‘Diagnostic Procedures’ tab found on the home, ‘Vehicle View’, page of wiTECH.
  6. Clear all DTCs that may have been set in any module due to the software update.**

NOTE: Use the wiTECH to put the vehicle back into Ship Mode if needed.



Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.



Labor Operation No: Description Skill Category Amount
18-60-02-HX Radio, Inspection Only (0 – Introduction) 6 – Electrical and Body Systems 0.2 Hrs.
18-60-02-LM Radio, Check Software Level and Perform Software Update (0 – Introduction) 6 – Electrical and Body Systems 0.6 Hrs.
**18-60-02-LU Radio, Check Software Level and Perform Software Update (BU with RG2 Only) (0 – Introduction) 6 – Electrical and Body Systems 0.3 Hrs.**
18-60-02-LP Radio, Check Software Level and Perform Software Update (BU and FF Only) (0 – Introduction) 6 – Electrical and Body Systems 0.4 Hrs.
**18-60-02-LD Radio Software, Create USB Flash Drive (First Time Only) (0 – Introduction) 6 – Electrical and Body Systems 0.2 Hrs.**


NOTE: The “First Time Only” LOP is used one time per dealer when downloading the software onto a USB flash drive.

NOTE: The expected completion time for the flash download portion of this procedure is approximately 20 minutes. Actual flash download times may be affected by vehicle connection and network capabilities.



**The dealer must choose which failure code to use depending on if this is a Rapid Response Transmittal (RRT) or Service Bulletin.

  • If the customer’s concern matches the SYMPTOM/CONDITION identified in the Service Bulletin, failure code CC is to be used. When utilizing this failure code, the 3C’s must be supplied.
  • The failure code “RF” (Required Flash) can no longer be used on Service Bulletin flashes. The “RF” failure code can only be used on RRT.
  • The “RF” failure code is required for essential module flash/reprogramming and can only be used after confirmation that the VIN is included on the RRT.**
CC Customer Concern
RF Required Flash


08-016-17 REV. A



08-114-15 REV. B




Uconnect Updates - Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep Fiat


Uconnect Updates


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